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Optimal health through holistic treatments


Nimrat Wellness specializes in naturopathy, using natural ...

Acupressure Therapy

Nimrat Wellness offers Acupressure Treatment, one of the oldest types ...

Massage Therapy

Nimrat Wellness offers massage therapy as a holistic approach ...

Mud Therapy

At Nimrat Wellness, we offer Mud Therapy which corresponds to ...

Healthy Diet Plan

At Nimrat Wellness, we believe in the importance of a healthy and ...

Steam Bath

At Nimrat Wellness, we offer high-quality steam baths that can help ...

Colon Hydrotherapy

Nimrat Wellness offers Colon Hydrotherapy, a cleansing and ...

Yoga Classes

Nimrat Wellness offers a range of yoga therapy services designed to ...

Foot Bath

At Nimrat Wellness, we offer foot baths as a relaxing and ...

Jal Neti - Water treatment

At Nimrat Wellness, we offer Jal Neti, a natural and effective way to ...

Arthritis Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis is to reduce joint pain, Swelling, ...

Spondylosis Treatment

Ayurvedic therapies for Spondylosis lubricate the joints and ...

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Welcome To Nimrat Wellness

We at Nimrat Wellness believes that true healing comes from a holistic approach, So we blend the ancient wisdom of past civilizations with modern techniques, creating a personalized, whole-body approach to health and wellness.

We integrate essentials of philosophical, spiritual, and artistic wisdom, creating a path to a wholesome, preventive healing experience. Our aim is to help you achieve optimal wellness, so you can live your life to the fullest.

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Personalized approach

Personalized plans designed specifically for clients.

Experienced team

Team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Holistic approach

Consider physical, emotional, and mental well-being when creating plan.

Proven results

Helped countless individuals achieve their health goals.

Safe and effective

Safe natural remedies free of harmful side effects.

Commitment to customer

Priority to customer satisfaction.

Education and support

Education and support for long-term success & healthy lifestyle


Committed to sustainability and minimized environmental impact.

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What Ayurvedic Treatments We Do?

Our Journey

My Healthy Lifestyle Journey


Himanshu Choudhary - the Holistic wellness expert at Nimrat Wellness who is transforming lives with natural therapies. With a treasure trove of experience in Naturopathy, Acupressure, Yoga, and Nutrition, Himanshu Choudhary is your go-to person for holistic healing.

Himanshu Choudhary is unique in his style of healing as has an innate understanding of the body's natural healing power. He combines ancient wisdom with modern science to create a personalized healing plan that works for each client. From Massage Therapy to Mud Therapy, Steam Bath to Colon Therapy, Himanshu Choudhary offers a wide range of services that go beyond traditional treatments.

But Himanshu Choudhary's journey to becoming a wellness expert wasn't an easy one. It all started when he faced health challenges due to a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. Frustrated with the lack of results from conventional medicine, he turned to natural therapies and saw a significant improvement in his health. That's when he realized his true calling - to help others heal naturally and transform their lives.

With his unwavering commitment to his client's well-being, Himanshu Choudhary has helped many individuals overcome chronic pain, stress, and a range of other health challenges. His unique blend of therapies and techniques has helped people achieve mental and emotional balance, leading to a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Himanshu Choudhary is a force of nature, driven by his passion to unlock the transformative power of natural healing. With a wealth of expertise in naturopathy, acupressure, yoga, and nutrition, he is fervent for anyone ready to take charge of their health and embark on a journey to vibrant wellness. Whether someone is struggling with chronic pain, stress, or a range of other health challenges, Himanshu Choudhary offers a personalized approach that empowers them to achieve health goals and experience the life-changing benefits of his unique blend of therapies and techniques.